Tea and taxes

The “Tea Party” has–unfairly–become the object of a lot of reflexive sneers which serve as a way for people who think the right sort of thoughts to identify each other. For those who occupy the commanding heights of culture, to even acknowledge that a vision of a smaller, less intrusive government might be reasonable, even if it’s not the option they would choose, would be to concede much of their power and weaken their influence over those who don’t really think much about public policy, but want to be on the same side as the cool people. And let’s face it, running around in colonial garb with a tricorne hat waving your pocket constitution is really desperately uncool.

But regarding the Tea Party itself, I can’t see the desire for any significant tax cuts being met in the foreseeable future. The nation is too indebted, the promised spending on entitlements too high, and the programs themselves are politically nearly untouchable. Though it’ll make nobody happy, just remaining solvent will likely demand taxes as high or higher than they are now combined with modest spending cuts. The electorate won’t tolerate the cuts that would be necessary to allow for serious tax cuts, and running trillion dollar deficits can’t continue forever. So sadly, on this topic, The New Republic is probably right.

It’s a shame really.


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