Canada explained

Our national music awards are named for a bureaucrat.


Religious experience

As a stuffy Presbyterian, I’m a bit suspicious of pursuing the whole ‘religious experience’ thing—even Jonathan Edwards channeled through Piper makes me a bit edgy—but there’s been an interesting series of posts on the topic between Rod Dreher, Damon Linker, Ross Douthat, Noah Millman and a few others. Fortunately, Jake Meador at Mere Orthodoxy has gone to the trouble of putting the conversation into one nice, if lengthy, package.

Go team sea….

Steve Sailer on land and sea powers:

In the American mind, land powers are seen as militarist, brooding, and no fun: Sparta, Prussia, the Soviet Union, and now Putin’s Russia. In contrast, sea powers are the good guys, the cool kids: Athens, Holland, England, and America.

The rest, here.