Even though the political side of Slate has moved more and more towards strident, progressive harangues—trying to give Salon some competition, I guess—the non-political stuff remains interesting. Their coverage of the missing airliner has been great. Here’s Jeff Wise, arguing that the plane is in Central Asia. Not only does this agree with it’s possible location as noted here a few days ago, it also agrees with what George Jonas wrote last week. One of the reasons information has been trickling out the way it has is the reluctance of countries to reveal not so much what they know but how they know it. And, just as importantly, what they don’t know. As pointed out in the Slate piece linked above:

Too many movies and Predator (unmanned military drone) feeds from Afghanistan have suckered people into thinking we know everything and see everything. You get what you pay for. And the world, by and large, does not pay.