Clarissa Dickson Wright (1947-2014)

About ten years ago, I bought a cookbook from the discount bin at Chapters. Hilarious and for the writing alone worth the $4 or whatever I spent on it. I have yet to attempt the recipes for snails or tripe or other offal-based dishes.

The author died today. From the obituary at the Telegraph:

Her support for the Countryside Alliance did see her plead guilty to attending a hare coursing event in 2007. She had thought it legal as the greyhounds were muzzled and the magistrate gave her an absolute discharge. “I did not get a criminal record for that,” she said. “I was quite looking forward to going to jail in Yorkshire and writing the prison cookbook. It would have been a rest.” In 2012 she again raised eyebrows when she suggested that badgers shot in any cull should be eaten. Badgers, she noted, were once a popular bar snack: “I would have no objection to eating badgers. I have no objection to eating anything very much, really.”