Buzzfeed has articles? With complete sentences and paragraphs? And only two pictures? Who knew?

At any rate, this piece on conservative book publishing is worth a read. Nobody who actually read and understood Allan Bloom would regard him as a conservative in any sense of the term (least of all Bloom himself), unless all that’s required to be considered one is to write books that criticize or annoy certain leftists. As for The Closing of the American Mind itself, I doubt that very many people made it past the introduction. It’s a pretty heavy slog. Regarding the books mentioned that actually are “conservative” in the modern American political sense, what is the current American obsession with politicians churning out books as a prelude to running for the top job. Do politicians do that anywhere else? Not memoirs once they’ve moved on, but books as campaign props. How do they have time for that? It would be great to see that trend die.