Lie back and think of Engels

I half suspect that this is a parody, a social conservative trying to make cultural Marxists look absurd by suggesting the need for activism (and state intervention, naturellment) to make promiscuity more available and less costly to the lower classes. But no, the author seem sincere:

Overall, I actually believe that some aspects of poly can be extremely helpful for working-class people of color to resist the exploitative, capitalistic structures of monogamy (#FrederickEngels). As a quick example, without access to birth control, the cost of having a child as a single parent may be lower if the person has a network of other supportive partners and lovers who will assist in care-taking.

But in order to be a community that aligns with radical sexual politics, polyamory needs to be inclusive of intersectional issues like class. Polyamory must recognize its importance in the lives of the underclass and make space for that class in its culture, in order to truly claim to be a movement about freedom, liberation, and justice.

Well, what’s stopping you? I’m sure you’d have no problem finding representative men of the underclasses open to propositions from a fetching young Princeton co-ed. Maybe not in Princeton, but Trenton, surely.

Pace Tom Wolfe, almost thirty years later The Great Relearning still recedes into the distance .


We could start by correcting the pronunciation

Steve Sailer at Taki Mag:

Russia’s Crimea response violates a general principle of modern international order that one country can’t legally annex a chunk of another country by a localized secession referendum imposed by military might. (The US would object to Canadian troops carrying out a secession vote in Seattle. On the other hand, if Ontario wants to try that in Detroit.…)

It has a hockey team that’s better than any in Canada and a French name. I say we go for it.