Study concludes more studies are needed

We could hope that this is an April Fools joke, but I suspect it’s not. The following, apparently one of the conclusions of the study commissioned by Health Canada, is completely, totally, utterly self-serving garbage:

The report said Health Canada should: “aggressively pursue scientific research aimed at clarifying” whether there is a link between radiofrequency energy and cancer.

I’m sure the study did conclude that, but please. Has there been a topic more aggressively studied in the past twenty years, with virtually all the research concluding that there was no epidemiological evidence for a link? Moreover, there is no known physical mechanism that would make a link likely. Until someone discovers such a mechanism, I’d support a moratorium on further funding for such research.

And why cancer? Why not lupus? (“It could be lupus.”) Sarcoidosis? Why don’t people ever demand research into the link between cell phones and sarcoidosis.

As for all those people with “radiation sensitivity”, surely someone by now has conducted and published an EMF equivalent of Fisher’s lady tasting tea. If such a study had come up positive for such a sensitivity, we’d never hear the end of it from the activists. I’ll take that as evidence none has.