So-cons and the failure of politics

Rod Dreher, commenting on a piece by Peter Wehner about an essay by Ron Haskins underscores the failure of social conservatism in politics. Law and politics may have some influence on culture, but that influence is mostly marginal. Even if, hypothetically, social conservatives were to attain power and be given free reign to implement their desired policies, the effects would probably be hardly felt outside of the political sphere. That’s not to say the policies themselves would be bad or destructive, but neither would they have any power to bring about deep changes in society at large. The revolution delineated by Dreher in his essay from a year ago, Sex After Christianity, runs far deeper, with consequences that are only secondarily political.

(Somewhat off topic, but speaking of Dreher, Kathy Shaidle describes his style as “typing with a quill pen”. Made me laugh because I know exactly what she’s getting at. Earnest Rod writing about organic food or his kids or his life is slightly interesting, but mostly leaves me cold. His social critique is much better.)