Yes we cant

It’s never too early to start campaigning. Municipal elections aren’t until October, yet here in my mailbox is a flyer from someone seeking a seat on city council. According to the flyer: “The people of Somerset ward have been clear — the time for positive, results-based change has come.” I don’t recall being consulted on this. I don’t even know what that means. Positive, results-based change? Have any of the other candidates announced their support for negative, process-based stasis. (I could be persuaded to to vote for that. It’s less vague.)

From paragraph two: “Visit my website…to learn more about my policies for change…”

Paragraph three: “In the past, you’ve helped me change our community…” I doubt that. I don’t even know who you are.

Paragraph four: “I’m asking for your trust to bring results-based change…”

Mercifully, there is no paragraph five. But it there were, I’d be willing to bet it would extol the virtues of unspecified change.

This is what democracy has degenerated to: government by repetitive, vacuous slogans.