So now we have some not-very-edifying recordings of an octogenarian billionaire arguing with his black/Mexican girlfriend less than half his age in semi-coherent phrases reminiscent of stupid and slightly drunk undergrads about whether she may publicly associate with blacks. So now the NAACP is no longer giving him a lifetime achievement award. At least not a second one; he still presumably has the one they gave him a few years ago.

This seems more like surrealist performance art than something illustrating the dark forces of racism supposedly still stalking the land.

Naturally, the internet outrage machine has been cranked up to 11, as millions, hitherto uninterested in the NBA or its owners, take to Facebook and Twitter to announce how “outraged” and “upset” they are. And by “outraged” and “upset” I of course mean “absolutely delighted to have a public foil against which their own strident declarations of anti-racism can shine forth in all their moral resplendence.”

Inevitably, some people are demanding the man be punished and forced to sell his team. Because that’s what we do now with people who have wrong opinions.