Once more unto the polls…

So, it would seem we’re about to be subjected to a provincial election here in Ontario. Strictly speaking, the feckless Tim Hudak is the least of the three plausible evils. If I lived in a marginal riding, I’d probably wade through the shame and disgust and vote for the man, out of morbid curiosity if nothing else. If he wins, my guess is he might marginally trim the rate of government growth so we go bankrupt a year or two later than we would under the Liberals, not that he would make any serious attempt at reckoning with the catastrophic mess at Queen’s Park. Nor even would his milquetoastiness do him any good. The left in this province will be out in all its shrieking, bilious, shirt-rending wrath if he makes even the most tepid of moves towards fiscal responsibility. But as I said, I can’t see Tim doing even that.
One of the pleasures of living in a riding which hasn’t the slightest chance of going Tory on election day is knowing that my vote is of no consequence whatsoever. Thus, I can flounce off in a huff and vote Libertarian and feel good about myself. Hooray for first-past-the-post. And no, that’s not sarcasm.