The mob is always wrong. Always.

Jonathan Kay has a review up of Tom Flanagan’s new book. You should read it two or three times.

When you take a moment to think about that, it is actually quite shocking. The spectacle of a government minister demanding the sacking of a specific university professor because of his policy views is the sort of thing one expects in Russia or Belarus or Venezuela, not in a Western democracy. And, indeed, if a Canadian government minister were to demand the firing of a professor because of his comments about, say, Quebec separatism, or assisted suicide, or the gun registry, or the Burka, or Marxism, or the origins of the First World War, the nation’s academic societies would howl with outrage. Yet even a mild questioning of the prevailing criminal regime regarding child pornography apparently now is seen as so outrageous, so taboo, as to be beyond the limits of academic freedom.

How did we get to the point where moral panic has completely overwhelmed rational discussion in this area of policy-making?