Explains so, so much

Paul Tuns’ blog (http://soberingthoughts.blogspot.ca/) makes it all but impossible to link to particular posts, but in one of his posts from yesterday (May 14), he writes:

I once got into a heated discussion with a teacher who insisted that all her students were above average. Upon being pressed which average, she said class average.


2 thoughts on “Explains so, so much

  1. This is possible in some circumstances; when I was in Junior High (grades 7-9) my school had a “Rapid Achievement Program” where students demonstrating excellence were regularly taken aside by another teacher who’d supervise independent study that kids in the program would undertake. Her students were all ‘above class average’. It’d admit it’s unlikely Tuns came across this particular scenario, I’ll admit.

    Tuns’ anecdote reminded me of the fact that most people have an above-average number of fingers…

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