Forward thinking public policy

I somehow missed this from Tim Stanley in the Telegraph last week:

Britain was thrown into crisis yesterday after the Labour Party press team’s Twitter account was hacked. The now infamous message “Everybody should have his own owl” was ignored by Westminster until Stephen Fry retweeted it with a smiley face. Suddenly, chaos broke out as politicians fought to outbid each other over what animals they would most like the voters to have.


Nigel Farage – leader of Britain’s fasting growing party among the easily irritated – called both men “Westminster pansies” and vowed to unleashed wolves in Britain’s town centres to reduce crime caused by foreigners. “No one’s going to break into this country if they think there’s a chance that they’ll be torn apart by a pack of wolves in Winchester town centre,” said Mr Farage aboard a Titan Ride-on Lawn Mower.

Why is nobody here promising us free animals? Come on Dippers. Ditch your mouldy nostalgia for big social programs. So 20th century. Embrace the cuddly progressive policies of your British counterpart.

I want an owl.