Being a tourist at home…

Photos from my week in wild rose country

The recently renovated Art Gallery of Alberta. Quote from the architect regarding the building: “there are some nice surprises that are weather related.” Or in non-architect-speak: snow piles up on the concave bits of the Gehry-knockoff.

I can’t actually find any photos of the building in winter, other than the architectural renderings. So far it doesn’t seem as though the weather-related surprises entail impaling pedestrians with whimsical shards of ice, so that’s a plus.

Edmonton too has one of those Chinese gate things, but for some reason it’s in the wrong place. The actual agglomeration of Asian restaurants and grocery stores runs along 97th St., starting about five blocks to the north of here. This looks to the east along 102 Ave where you’ll find little but vacant lots, a few shabby buildings, and dodgy convenience stores.

Jasper photos to come…