The Sir John Carling building was blown up yesterday morning. The best video of the event is here:

I confess that the first few times I saw the video I thought it odd that people would cheer and applaud at the end. It’s a demolition project, not a performance. People don’t stand around construction sites and with foam fingers and banners shouting encouragement whenever a new slab of concrete is poured. Why should demolition sites be any different?

After some thought though, I’ve reconsidered my initial opinion. When it comes to constructing buildings, the twenty or twenty-five years following World War II was a singularly abysmal period. All asbestos and aluminium wiring and slabs of exposed concrete. Ugliness on an inhuman scale. Architecture against humanity. The total destruction of the ‘accomplishments’ of that generation, such as they were, is entirely salutary and to be applauded with vigour.