David Warren

David Warren is far more fun to read now that he’s unconstrained by the formatting and editorial demands of the Ottawa Citizen op-ed page. He is perhaps too enamoured of medieval Catholicism, too ready to indulge the “everything that’s gone wrong can be traced back to Luther” line of thinking, for my liking. But then I would think that, being all Calvinistical and such. Still, anyone willing to take on the Sisyphean task of attacking the stupid prejudices that pass for thought among those who think that all prejudices are bad and that they don’t have any is worth reading. I commend in particular his attacks on the fatuous attachment of so many moderns to “democracy” (which is not the same thing as voting):

The problem with American Imperialism being, they don’t know how to do it, and keep messing up, even with military resources that any of the old Imperial powers would have envied.

This is because they keep trying to sell “democracy.” They have been doing it for several generations, and they will not learn from experience, nor accept any criticism on this point. Power may be projected, but “democracy” cannot be imposed in a place like Iraq (let alone Afghanistan) without easily foreseeable, shall we say, negative consequences. Nor should one persist in giving lip service to an ideal that is impracticable, to such a ludicrous degree. As we have seen, it is not even working in the United States of America, where “the people” have voted themselves government benefits and entitlements (as the Europeans before them) to the point of spiritual as well as fiscal bankruptcy.

Do yourself a favour and give him a read.