Canada’s worst MP

A few weeks ago, Canada’s best MP wrote a book. Today, our worst MP—I used to live in Nepean-Carleton, so my former MP—has been interviewed for Maclean’s.

There’s more to pick on here than I have the time or inclination to, but one lowlight strikes me:

Q. You don’t ever think that people are turned off by the bickering and the shouting back and forth, and you know the way question period is, and attack ads and constant disagreement—constant and loud disagreement.

A. I think that people are more concerned with the result, like when I go into my community, they want to know when is that bridge going to be finished, why are my hydro rates so expensive, what’s your plan to reduce my commute time. Those things matter to people in their lives. Frankly, they’re not so much captivated by whether or not politicians are friendly with each other.

What about politicians who understand constitutional jurisdiction? I’m concerned with that. Nepean-Carleton doesn’t border on Quebec, therefore no bridges within his riding fall within the purview of the federal government. Hydro? Let me refer you to §92A(1)(c) of the Constitution Act, you ignorant buffoon. Commute time? Are there any roads in Barrhaven that fall under federal jurisdiction? I thought not. (OC Transpo is partly subject to federal regulation because it goes into Quebec a bit, see §92(10)(a), but that’s not really relevant to Nepean-Carleton, now is it?).

This is politics as pure populism. Politics that completely, emphatically, defiantly disregards questions of good public policy for the crudest imaginable interpretation of “what the voters want”.

For a look inside the bubble at the way a psychotically partisan person thinks, read the whole thing. Or don’t. It’s a depressing, miserable slog.