I prepped for this by watching four episodes of Chef! on the flight over. Coming up: eighteen months of food photos. (“I don’t understand why people put pictures of their food on facebook. Who wants to see that?” – loosely paraphrased from something my mother said.) Just kidding. I’ll probably find better things to do with my time, eventually.

Tonight’s experiment is poisson menuière. (Thanks, Vanessa, for tipping me off to an entire BBC show about cooking in a Parisian studio apartment.) Fish dredged in flour and fried in oil and butter.

I substituted carrelet, which sort of looks like sole, was next to the sole, and about half the price. (In English, ‘carrelet’ translates as ‘plaice’, which is no help at all, though the Wikipedia tells me it’s the second most commercially important flatfish caught in Canada. The things you learn.)


Turned out pretty well. Easy and delicious. 4/5.