Putting that undergrad classics elective to good use

Just some random photos from the exhibit on bronze age Greece at the Musée d’Archaologie national. The museum is west of Paris in a chateau in Saint-Germain-en-Laye.


Nice town. Will have to go back and see the rest of the museum too someday, since I went in the afternoon and didn’t have time to see the permanent collection.

IMG_20141229_143406 IMG_20141229_143140

Lots of pottery, of course. Holding up pretty well for being almost 4000 years old.


Some sort of owl-themed drinking vessel from one of the Troys. I think Troy II, at one time thought to be the Homeric Illium, though that assessment has undergone revision.


The Mycenaean craftsmanship is not too shabby, though this is a replica and the axe on the head is a speculative addition by the creator of the replica.


Also replicas, though cast from the originals, of cups featuring detailed representations of men catching bulls in nets. Well, how else would you do it?